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To contemporary observers looking back, official French attitudes towards immigrants and resident foreigners at times appear more than a little ambiguous. While officially espousing a rhetoric of ‘inclusiveness’, selection and stereotype have nonetheless been common. definition of reflective essay This desperate need was likewise recognised by Amika, the founder of #FreePeriods, the campaign to end period poverty. She started #FreePeriods aged 17 whilst still at school and called on the government to give free menstrual products to low-income families.

By October 1974, French officials had grown concerned by the speed at which West German diplomats and industrialists were seeking to displace France as Iran’s preferred nuclear supplier. In fact, the Kraftwerk Union was negotiating the sales of two 1,300MW reactors at Bushehr — a complement to the refinery complex to be established in the city through the West German bilateral oil deal that had been signed in May. This prospect alarmed Blancard, who finally warmed up to the idea of allowing Iran into EURODIF to protect France’s leadership role in the Iranian nuclear program.109 As EURODIF was facing severe financial difficulties, France could indeed welcome Iran as a new partner.110 But this would come with a high price tag for Iran. But France promised, once again, to stand out as the dissonant note in Western cooperation.

The creation of a powerful federal government has proved divisive

The main reason I am so passionate about History is because it is such a powerful and important subject. It can change the way you think about the world and, most importantly, encourage you to ask critical questions. If there is one thing I want my students to graduate with, it is the ability to not take anything at face value, whether a newspaper headline, a book, or something they see in the cinema. I encourage students to keep asking questions to material, to enquire what ideologies might be at work, what evidence is being used, dismissed, or misused. Ultimately, historical narratives are constructions and I help students to pick these apart through interactive lectures, seminar activities, alternative assessment, and project work. I seek to instigate innovation wherever I can, such as the First World War School Workshop initiative, and support opportunities in the way of international exchanges and visiting lecturers to enhance my students’ learning experience. I am a historian of 19th and 20th century British and Irish history with a particular focus on the social and cultural history of the First World War and British imperial activity in the Middle East since the 1880s.

Presenters and commentators were recruited from outside the Clarin empire, many from radio and the provinces, including a fair number whose pro-government Perónista sympathies were well known and often broadcast. Javier Vincente, known as “El Militante,” was particularly vocal in denouncing Macri before the presidential elections and warned of the consequences for the future of Fútbol Para Todos, if he won.

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But while the United States succeeded in preventing Saudi Arabia from acquiring nuclear reactors, it was unsuccessful when it came to Iraq. The 1970s energy crisis thus had an enduring impact on nuclear proliferation in the Gulf. The how long is the average college essay familial and career ties that had brought wealth and opportunity to the university town were now circulating the calotype back along those same networks as a visual technology of potential colonial, military, and private application.

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The government insisted that there would be no commercial advertising or sponsorship for the programme. Instead a huge slice of the government’s fast-swelling advertising budget was redirected towards football.

Trade and the Spread of Islam in Africa

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s efforts to reinforce the nuclear nonproliferation regime and growing concerns about Saddam Hussein’s not-so-peaceful intentions. The Brewster Album contains calotypes that were taken elsewhere and sent to the family in recognition of past assistance and as keepsakes in absence. The products of the skills acquired and exported began to be returned to the town, pasted into albums, and displayed at local meetings and in living rooms. Early calotypes traversed the public and the personal, the imperial front and the home front, the society meeting and the family album, fostering and determining social position and status at each juncture in their circulation. Such calotype migrations within colonial networks are not always self-evident in the albums today, their histories and subjects subsumed within rigid conceptions of town locality and provinciality. To contest the notion of these early albums as exclusive to the township, it is imperative to acknowledge the global networks of the residents engaged in their compilation and the mobilities of their content. Although Lyon Playfair’s tenure in India was short-lived, colonial ties and endeavours remained integral to family life irrespective of location.

  1. In this inaugural episode of our new podcast series, Suzanne Raine and Ali Ansari discuss Afghanistan and look in detail at the historical and cultural significance of the Khorasan, a historical territory whose name survives in Persian and Islamist narratives about the future of the region and their own roles in global history.
  2. And yet, with global monetary problems evoking the specter of the Great Depression, the West was growing increasingly divided over how to respond to OPEC’s challenge.
  3. Special thanks to Natalie Adamson for her insightful feedback on an earlier draft and to Jacob Polley for permission to cite his poem.
  4. Grondona preferred to hold meetings away from the grandeur of the AFA’s offices, instead opting for a small room in the back of a petrol station in Sarandi, an industrial neighbourhood in outer Buenos Aires.
  5. In the 1930s, when Assyrian Christian refugees from Iraq were resettled in Syria under the aegis of the League of Nations, they received development assistance for their agricultural settlements.
  6. Legislation created during and immediately after the war facilitated the great giveaway of the Midwestern plains and southern forests to railroad and timber companies.

Islamic political and aesthetic influences on African societies remain difficult to assess. In some capital cities, such as Ghana and Gao, the presence of Muslim merchants resulted in the establishment of mosques. The Malian king Mansa Musa (r. 1312–37) brought back from a pilgrimage to Mecca the architect al-Sahili, who is often credited with the creation of the Sudano-Sahelian how to do a proper heading for an essay building style. Musa’s brother, Mansa Sulaiman, followed his path and encouraged the building of mosques, as well as the development of Islamic learning. Islam brought to Africa the art of writing and new techniques of weighting. The city of Timbuktu, for instance, flourished as a commercial and intellectual center, seemingly undisturbed by various upheavals.

Common Destiny Dictatorship, Foreign Policy, and War in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

Of course, the Civil War’s ecological legacies were more nuanced than simple despoliation. The ‘ruination’ of natural resources contributed to the nascent national parks movement and land abandoned because of war or occupation allowed parts of the country to reforest. Animal and food shortages in theatres of war were one factor in the increasing proliferation of corn-fed Midwestern beef and pork on America’s dinner tables (and arguably the beginning of the South’s long struggle with heart disease). Despite the downsizing of the military after 1865, the war confirmed and reinforced the martial strain in the American national character. America had long placed its faith in the power of the people in arms and in their relinquishing of said arms once the danger was over. But historians are increasingly uncovering the destructive long-term costs, physical and psychological, to those involved in the Civil War, combatants and non-combatants alike. Whatever the merits or otherwise of camps, the majority of Syrian refugees are dispersed in cities, towns and villages.

If the quality side is pretty clear, the word “quantity” is still about the details we were talking about. Being laconic means you haven’t analyzed the situation or applied any critical thinking approach to even those materials you went through. While struggling to find a decent enduring issues essay sample, students may underestimate their role in a process. By subscribing to this mailing list you will be subject to the School of Advanced Study privacy policy. Conquered in spring 1941, its people were subjected to a brutal occupation regime, enduring famine, forced labour, deportation and terror. In 1942, armed resistance to the occupying powers of Germany, Italy and Bulgaria and the collaborationist government began in earnest.

Just Like Yesterday? New Critiques of the Nuclear Revolution

We are also excited to have commissioned a new sound work, written in response to the conference theme of materialities from sound artist Linda O Keeffe, Head of Art at the University of Edinburgh. Dr. O Keeffe will then be joined by CPAGH co-lead Min-Erh Wang for a live talkback exploring creative practices and social advocacies in the age of COVID-19. Keen to contribute to the Oxford-Berlin Partnership and to add to its interdisciplinary spirit, CPAGH will host a workshop in Oxford in Michaelmas 2019 that will involve but not be limited to participants from Berlin. This workshop – coupled with CPAGH’s collaborations with the Pitt Rivers Museum and History of Science Museum in Hilary and Trinity 2020 – will also serve as knowledge labs for an international conference in Berlin in Summer 2020. Through this cross-locational model, CPAGH aims, in collaboration with the Staatliche Museen Berlin , to foster new ways of shaping interdisciplinary exchange, and to broaden the geography of the network as a hub for continued democratic debate and knowledge co-creation across institutions and existing practices. Global history reading group – organized by the global history MSc students. But applying a refute opinion – embracing a commitment, people most likely won’t end in a divorce, you leave a choice to a reader.

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The local adoption of photography accorded with the wider discourses of imperial knowledge formation that the university town pursued in Victorian Britain. This article has sought to document some of these collective networks and their extensive connections to empire. I have also argued that the neglect of these associations is itself symptomatic of the imperial and “post-”imperial cultural politics of British provinciality. The strength of these historiographical headwinds is manifest in the lack of attention these networks have received in the histories of photography of St Andrews. As a result, St Andrews has been conceived either as the imagined historical limitations of its practitioners or an irrelevance to their influential careers and pursuits . Either way, the provincialising narrative of St Andrews evident in the writing of its photographic history has worked to dissociate the town—its rural communities, its photographic histories, and not least its university and collections—from these wider networks and programmes of the British Empire.

Frances Nuclear Gamble: Petrodollar Recycling, Reactor Exports, and the Threat of Proliferation in the Persian Gulf

Those aware of local history might even know that this coastal route was well trodden by the early calotypists of St Andrews. Distant views of the town from the east coast were a favourite subject that enabled the integration of the distinctive skyline of the cathedral ruins with the geological formations of the coastline (fig. 2). Town and coastline are merged into the salt and sepia how long is a standard essay tones of the calotype print and inscribed with the descriptive geographical location of its maker. The Adamson brothers John and Robert were brought up only five miles along this coast at Burnside near Boarhills.4 Whether intentional or not, the site of the monument was apposite to facilitate evocations between the natural aspects of the coastline and salt-paper photography.

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  3. Brewster sets forth nothing short of an imperialist agenda for photography as a technology for the study of foreign peoples and their lands, histories, and monuments.
  4. Despite initial reluctance, the Jordanian government eventually established Zaatari Camp in July 2012, which now has a population of 150,000, and earlier this year authorised the opening of another camp at Al-Azraq.

A consistent concern – and criticism – has been the inability or unwillingness of humanitarian actors to deal with refugees outside of Zaatari Camp , or to provide effective support to both refugees and host communities . Often refugees are housed in squalid conditions or areas where they feel at risk due to local resentment.

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In the process, France inadvertently discovered that exporting nuclear reactors to OPEC countries could be a potential solution to the balance of payments problem posed by the oil shock. A breakthrough oil-for-reactors deal between France and Iran prompted other governments from West Germany to Japan to scramble for the Persian Gulf’s oil and petrodollars. Photography and empire are inextricably bound together in the history of St Andrews and were intertwined with the lives and mobilities of its most prominent families.

Any notion that the game had ceased to be the primary public expression of Argentinian national identity was quashed by the nationwide standstill occasioned by the latter stages of the 2014 World Cup in which Argentina would lose to Germany by a single goal. This is the context in which the notion that access to football on television has become a matter of social policy, even perhaps a matter of rights. The Kirchner government may have won that argument but reality has proved obstinate.